Bryan Quinn - MC/Presenter

Bryan Quinn is an actor, presenter, director and musician based in Ireland. He is a long time collaborator with Úna Molloy (Turning Pirate). Bryan will be the resident host and narrator for Hibernacle. 

He is best known for starring in and co-directing (with Bobby McGlynn) The Rubberbandits darkly comic Dad's Best Friend - this music video is featured in Trainspotting T2. Recent work includes Sir Richard in The Professor and The Madman, starring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn and directed by Farhad Safinia. 

A graduate of Jacques Lecoq, École Internationale de Mime et Mouvement, Paris. Previous work includes Game of Thrones (HBO), the satirical Irish Pictorial Weekly- including the 1916 Special on RTÉ. 

He has also written and starred in several plays, including Saddled, a comedy featuring live bicycle repair, co-written with and from an idea by Edinburgh Winning stand up comedian David O'Doherty.