Donal McConan (The Curly Organ)

T h e  C u r l y  O r g a n  (AKA Donal McConnon) is a special kind of artist/composer/producer who has for one month successfully merged his everyday experiences with record production (4 EPs(2017)), who regularly has conversations with strangers through a non-verbal musical binary (Do You Speak Bell? (2018/2019)) and has developed an all-encompassing live performance making use of hand-drawn visuals and guided meditations.

 Operating from the windy-western town of Galway, Donal is perhaps better known there as a key component of the nationally-loved prog-folk outfit, My Fellow Sponges. While Sponges shows are known for their spontaneous energy and genre-fusing acrobatics, The Curly Organ takes you gently by the hand and guides you calmly through a museum of human experiences (both the extreme and the banal). 

This singer-songwriter is eager to do more than put on a show. He aims for catharsis, both for him and his audience.