The sonic palette that makes up Honas’ sound has elements reminiscent of Bon Iver, The 1975 and Tycho. The combination of Honas’ organic singer-songwriter style with lush Alt-Pop sonic landscapes makes for a fresh sound that will be pleasing to fans of more traditional songwriting as much as fans of a more modern-electronic disposition. 

Having written, recorded and toured with indie-outfit Orchid Collective, Honas is no stranger to Ireland's music scene. With them he has played every major festival in the country and receives nationwide radio coverage. He has also produced tracks for other artists, most recently “In Waiting” by Seba Safe. 

 After several years of collaborating with other writers and artists, exploring different sounds, writing and ditching countless songs, something eventually clicked in early 2019 after starting to work with producer Adam Redmond (Search Party Animal, Just Wondering). This collaboration saw Honas' songs taking on a new and exciting shape, and fed the motivation to get the project off the ground in 2020. 

 With an EP and some live gigs planned for early 2021, things are shaping up to be an exciting second year for Honas.