Paul Noonan is a songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Ireland. He is best known as the frontman of the Irish group Bell X1 and as a solo artist and collaborator on various musical projects. 

There’s no point trying to sew Paul Noonan into any of these costumes. What fits him today might not look so snug tomorrow. And what’s more, that seems to be the way he’s preferred it over the last 20 years.  

He has been working with New York based musician and producer Thomas Bartlett - trading ideas online after initial sessions together in Dublin and NYC. 

“I think he’s someone that you follow instinctively,” Noonan says of Bartlett, who worked on the project in both Dublin and New York. “You trust him because he has an eye on the bigger picture. He has a really nice balance of being able to call things as they are without causing bad vibes. He’s also really inspiring in that he has everything to hand to do things quickly.”