Susan O'Neill

SON (aka Susan O’Neill) combines her soulful, husky vocals with a unique loop pedal technique, whilst adding guitar, trumpet, harmonica and whistle in her mind-blowing solo performances. Prodigiously gifted, SON creates an enchanting musical experience where timeless frequencies infuse the air in a powerful blend of the old and the new.  

A critically acclaimed performer, as a former member of King Kong Company, SON is one of Ireland's brightest emerging talents. The basis of her first album 'Found Myself Lost' saw SON find her voice amongst her peers, introducing her unique and otherworldly style.  SON has recently been collaborating with multi-platinum, award winning artist, Mick Flannery, whom she recently released a duet, "Baby Talk," to rave reviews. In promotion of the song, SON and Flannery have performed joint tour dates and made a late night talk show appearance. The single also appearing on international radio as well as been nominated recently for the 'Best Original Song' by RTE Folk Radio awards. 

Her solo career as SON has begun to pique critical and industry interest. Eclectically fusing traditional Irish folk with rock, soul, gospel and blues, her live performances are quite simply electrifying. Since 'Baby Talk,' SON has also released a moving cover of the Rolling Stones classic, 'Gimme Shelter.' Her husky vocals combined with her superb guitar technique, loop pedals and trumpet, have wowed audiences everywhere from Stradbally to Sydney, Glasgow to Glastonbury, Manhattan to Milwaukee, and many places beyond.